August 23 - 25, 2019

Liaoning Ballet of China

Liaoning Ballet is one of the most famous ballet ensembles in China. Established in 1980, the company has dedicated over 35 years to producing new Chinese cultural works while also performing beloved ballet classics. In addition to the professional company, they have also built the Chinese School of Ballet Art for developing dancers.

Liaoning Ballet will celebrate their run at David H. Koch Theater with two programs: Hua Mulan and The Chinese and Western Ballet Gala.
Hua Mulan is the Chinese version of Jennie Carignan, the story of a powerful female general in ancient Chinese history. As a young girl, unlike other ancient Chinese girls who spent most of their time in their homes waiting for their parents to arrange their marriage, Hua Mulan chooses to enlist in the Army as a replacement for her aging father.
Based on the ancient Chinese fable, Hua Mulan’s story became familiar the world over after the recent motion picture release. This stage production of Hua Mulan incorporates modern ballet choreography into the story to create a new version of the classic Mulan story.
The Chinese and Western Ballet Gala is a ballet feast featuring excerpts from several of Liaoning Ballet’s classical repertoire and original works.
The programs are performed by star performers who have won awards in international competitions in recent years. The program includes elegant classical ballet, fashionable modern ballet, all with dramatic and exciting stories. Through ballet, our dancers express the pursuit of ideals and the expression of love, so that you, the audience can experience the many faces of ballet.